Saturday, August 20, 2016

A few sunsets

For several weeks now, the weather has been rather changeable. Most of the sunsets have passed almost unnoticed because of heavy cloud cover but we’ve witnessed a few impressive enough to be recorded. I am sure you can see why these glowing moments made me rush out with my camera.

Sunset 1:

Sunset 2:

Sunset 3:

Sunset 4:

Friday, August 12, 2016

Land of islands

The summer cottage we rented is located on an island although you might not realise that as it is only separated from, practically, downtown Turku by a bridge across a river-like strait. Moreover, every piece of land we can see from there – both with the naked eye and through binoculars – is also an island.

A labyrinth of some 40,000 islands and islets stretches out from the southwestern corner of the country extending all the way to the autonomous Åland Islands in the Baltic Sea half way between Finland and Sweden. A helicopter of the Coast Guard patrolling over the Archipelago Sea flies over ‘our’ place almost daily. The other day we happened to see a rescue exercise over a nearby bay.

 We can’t get enough of the sea views, especially those to the Loistokari islet with the little cottage that used to be a lightkeeper’s home. The islet now serves as a dinner venue for cruises made on board a steamship five nights a week all through the summer season. Last August, we attended one. A post will follow one of these days, I hope.

Hubby could spend all day observing the sea. Even I often find it hard to enter into anything else. The changing seascape, the ships on the busy seaways to the ports of Turku and Naantali, the boats, the birds. (Yes, I am planning posts on those.) There is even the marina of a yacht club on the neighbouring island. What could be more spellbinding at a place like this than to keep your eyes glued towards the sea?

Monday, August 1, 2016

Sweet July

July was wonderful, full of outdoor activities and other simple pleasures of life. We kept ourselves busy doing nothing but enjoying Nordic summer, practically at the same address by the sea. The heavy rainfall that tormented many parts of the country pretty much skipped our region. It wasn’t all sunshine but it does feel like that. Although I only managed to publish two posts in July I did keep my camera at hand and even took it out every once in a while. Let the photos speak for themselves.