Sunday, 31 August 2014

Time flies

I didn’t mean to stay silent for such a long time. It just happened as we’ve had to divert from the slow life for a while and keep ourselves busy completing many a small project at home. In the long run, laziness does have its consequences.

After an exceptionally chilly June, we had a record warm period in July and early August. On 38 days in a row the temperature rose above +25°C (+77°F), which is known to have occurred only once before, in 1973.

We didn’t notice much of that I’m afraid but it does feel kind of great to witness yourself accomplishing something highly useful each and every day. There will be other summers with new heat waves to idle away in the shade.

All of a sudden, August has passed and life has turned towards unstable autumn and harvesting. But there is the advantage that the house is starting to be in top condition meaning that we could probably consider slowing down a bit. I am hoping to return to more regular blogging but let’s see what tomorrow brings.