Sunday, 8 March 2015

On cushions and sights

My mother once told me she couldn’t get why I was so fascinated with cushions. I was living in a much smaller place then with a fraction of the cushions I now have and I couldn’t get what on earth she was talking about.

Then again she was a lady with such perceptive insight there was little that escaped her attention. With her amazing foresight I guess she saw it coming. Yet she would be shocked to witness the present state of affairs in my home.

Nevertheless, she is to blame, at least partly. Thanks to her I am completely smitten with handcrafted items. It’s becoming exceedingly hard for me to walk away from a needlework cushion with a floral or ornamental pattern if I notice one at a flea market or thrift shop, I’m afraid.

Two weeks to go and we’ll be handing over the keys of this house to the new owners. We are busier than ever. In hindsight, you should never get a place with excessive storage and never stay put for too long. Keeping those two simple rules in mind will save you a lot of headache in the end.

Bye for now and until next time from Turku. I am planning to revive my Handmade treasures series as soon as we are settled down in the new apartment. Meanwhile, have a happy International Women’s Day and enjoy the spring season! Ours is very much ahead, not only in our minds but out-of-doors, too.

PS. Two of the elaborate cross stitch cushions are by my ex-mother-in-law.