Saturday, 21 February 2015


You must have read my silence: we haven’t been sitting idle, rather the contrary as we signed a couple of deals recently. First we sold this house in the countryside 45km from downtown Helsinki and the next day we bought an apartment a good 100km further westward in downtown Turku. In fact, both the transactions took place in early January but I wanted to keep it quiet until everything was settled.

You see, the rules of the 1920s building where the apartment is located still hold a rare old-world clause stating that any existing owner could have bought out our shares at the same price within a set period. We didn’t face any problems – such a clause is practically never utilised these days – but I’ve been far too busy to post anything since everything was finalised.

The past few weeks have flown. We are finally taking serious measures to clear this place out while having some redecorating and renovation made at the new place. The plan is to move within four weeks from now.

Luckily, this has been another mild winter. For a while in early February we did have something that resembled a proper cold season with snow sticking on every surface, even the vertical ones. Before too long, however, the snowmen keeping watch on the yard melted away and it started to feel like spring. 

What a spring it will be! Nothing like a sunset – although I am pushing 60 – but the dawn of a new kind of life for us and I’m excited.