Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A peek into the black hole

There is this space we call the black hole in our house. My husband gave this nickname to our walk-in closet claiming that whatever he takes there will be absorbed forever. This is not true at all! I’m constantly recovering items I put there years ago and they are in perfectly good order.

Everyone would probably agree that the lack of storage space can be a real hindrance for comfortable living. On the other hand, if you have too many places where to keep your own and your family members’ extra stuff storage can become an even greater barrier to climb, especially if you stay put for quite some time. Your spacious facilities may start to attract a wider group of users. If you happen to be a nice person like me, even ex family members may find them handy.

It will soon be ten years since I moved into this house with many corners where to hide your belongings plus two additional buildings in the yard with lots of free space we have little actual use for. As always, I moved in a hurry and didn’t have the time to make a proper inventory of my possessions, neither beforehand nor afterwards. Therefore many of the things I just squeezed somewhere ten years ago to get them out of the way have remained, often most impractically, in those cupboards and shelves – and hideaways. Sounds familiar?

All these odds and ends we (meaning I) haven’t had the energy to organize to be utilized, recycled or disposed of have slowly piled up into a concrete hurdle. The heap is so high I feel powerless even to think of it. Therefore, it’s best not to contemplate the big picture but to jump on the challenge and start chewing it one piece at a time. Beware black hole, it wasn’t but the first small bite I took today!

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