Thursday, 28 June 2012

Grey skies

Early yesterday morning, I took my sister and her husband to the airport and was planning to document how greatly the scenery now differs from what it looked like three and a half months ago when I drove my other sister there returning at about the same time, which was then around daybreak.

Now the sun had risen hours earlier, at about 4:00. However, the sky has been so grey recently that there wasn’t much to see, let alone boast about. The temperature was not much above 10°C (50°F), which is rather cold for this time of the year here, the difference from what we had that freezing morning in March being around 30°C (50°F). We experienced this amount of temperature variation during a single extraordinary day in early February.

Except for the two occasions I told about in my two previous posts, June has been if not rotten at least disappointing. Neither have we been given any promises for a change to the better yet. It’s been cold and windy and every once in a while it’s raining so heavily you wouldn’t even consider stepping outdoors.

I suppose I will have to continue taking my short walks around our place with Jack hoping to catch a moment or two to record. The other night we took a stroll close to midnight shortly after rainfall and sunset. Some fog was rising from the wet fields and a faint glow was still visible through the lighter layers of the completely cloud-covered sky. Grey can be beautiful, too, but as a layman I find its beauty so hard to capture.

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