Friday, 7 September 2012

Radiance from bird seeds

Sadly, it has started to feel like autumn: temperatures are falling and the weather may change several times per day from full sunshine to heavy rain and everything in between.

However, there is still one bright spot in our garden. Some of the seeds that spilled down from the bird feeder hanging from our old spiral-trunked apple tree during winter have now turned into sunflowers. This ‘crop’ is the best we have had out of our bird seeds ever as this summer was wet enough for them even without almost any watering.

In March and April, I told about our small-scale ‘Ai Weiwei work’ feeding birds and squirrels. Now the produce is nourishing me, just as I predicted. No wonder sunflowers with their big radiant faces always turning to the sun belong to the favourites of many. No wonder they have become the favourite flower to grow just for fun here if you – be it a person, town or company – have an extra piece of land or a field you don’t need for any particular purpose.

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