Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Collateral damage

Now that the weather has finally turned into something resembling winter, Jack is usually purring his day away indoors on one of the beds or couches, generally on the one closest to the place where we happen to be doing whatever we are doing. Doesn’t he look like the sweetest little cat you ever saw with the happy ‘smile’ on his cute little face. Looks can be so deceiving!

At night, the instincts of this silky little thing turn him into an outdoor predator. Colder weather inevitably means panic to all the little rodents out there and winter birds are again clustering around the bird feeder. This means that there is too much wildlife on our lot for a house cat – however spoiled – to resist. The smell of prey makes him restless and often keeps him rambling his rounds in the neighbourhood until several hours past midnight.

Every now and then Jack carries us a nocturnal present leaving it on the porch by the front door. I don’t mind it when he brings a mouse or a vole but I hate it when he sometimes catches a bird. This beautiful brambling (Fringilla montifringilla) (järripeippo) lost its life yesterday. We found the crime scene by Jack’s cathouse. The fresh snow on the roof had recorded where the bird was attacked. There is even a mark made by Jack’s paw visible on the roof corner.

I’m sure when my daughter reads this she will insist we tie another ribbon with a bell around Jack’s neck. That might save a bird or two, I agree. But that might also let a dozen or more rodents off the hook. As much as I dislike it, with cats some collateral damage can’t be avoided. Not even if they were belled, I’m afraid. Oh, that deceiving disguise of an indifferent face!

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