Sunday, 9 December 2012

Better safe than sorry

I’d like to remind everyone living in an older house about the importance of measuring the indoor radon levels to see whether any improvements are required to lower the concentration of this radioactive gas in your home.

If your house was built before your local building regulations included radon protection, especially if you happen to be living in a risky area but are unaware whether any protective insulation or ventilation has been carried out since, now is the time to order a home measurement kit from your local authorities.

The measurement must be made for at least two months during the cold season so this is the time for the northern hemisphere. We made it last season and are safe. Everything I discovered last year about this cancer-causing gas, how to measure it in your home and where to find maps to give you an indication about radon levels in your area can be found in my post here. Let’s hope you will be safe, too.


  1. How interesting, I am going to read the article. Thank you.

    1. I hope also your local authorities have published maps to give an idea whether to worry or not.