Sunday, 20 January 2013

Freezing beauty

Friday night was the coldest we’ve had this winter: our thermometer dropped to -31.7°C (-25°F), which is very cold I can assure you. Even Jack prefers to stay indoors when the weather is that arctic. However, freezing temperature and a clear sky always go hand in hand so Saturday was very blue-and-white, and bright and beautiful for a change.

A fox had crossed this field, just like shown in a post of mine from last February.

By the time I stepped out in the afternoon, it was already some 10 to 15 degrees milder, ‘only’ something around -15 to -20°C (5 to -4°F). It’s not that easy to handle a camera even in that kind of frost. I was wearing woolen mittens but my fingers were soon freezing and I had to run back to the house. Still, everything was so beautiful that the few minutes I could stand the cold were enough to record some of the icy wonders.

According to the weather forecast, we should see more blue skies with slight frost in the coming days. The rising temperature may release the ice crystals now decorating every stem and branch. Whatever the consequences to the present outdoor beauty, January has been so cloudy it’s about time we were given some proper sunlight!


  1. Beautiful indeed, I can almost hear the 'crunch' of your steps on the frozen snow.

    1. The sun has been a rare visitor this winter and we are back to the uninviting greyness but there are a couple of more months to go so there's some hope.