Tuesday, 12 November 2013

"No can do"

In an ideal world, every day in the winter season would be like yesterday. A few hours of sunshine daily would be enough to melt the night frost away from the garden as well as from my shoulders. With some sunshine, the shortness of daytime – currently some 7h 45min and getting several minutes shorter daily – would be tolerable.

Once again, we have had a very mild autumn. Unlucky for us, we were away most of the best part, the sunny and dry period in early October. But the garden lived through it and once again some of the plants are confusing the seasons and forgetting they should be preparing for winter.

The cherry plum is completely upset having pushed long arms with fresh leaves from both the ground and some existing branches.

The roses by the house are blooming and sprouting leaves. Some wildflowers are still in blossom.

This is not the kind of November we are used to, except for in recent years. Even misfortunes we might call extreme weather events are rather mild and harmless around here. Nevertheless, they will continue to increase everywhere, also in areas where natural disasters already are frequent and wild. The UN’s Warsaw Climate Change Conference had better make some progress. “No can do” will no longer do.

All the photos of this post were taken in our garden yesterday.


  1. Those are beautiful pictures of your garden. We often hear about more of the ice cap melting.It must been frightening to see evidence of this in your garden with the milder weather. Let's hope that more positive action is agreed at the Climate Change conference.
    Sarah x

    1. We can only hope the recent sad events in the Philippines will remind the decision makers about the increasing severity of the events we all will be facing.