Friday, 17 October 2014

Free uplifting

Now that I am no longer spending my days at an office and can enjoy the scenery in the daytime I have finally learned to appreciate autumn.

Driving the winding roads by the fields in our neighbourhood with patches of forest all around is an uplifting experience even on a grey morning or afternoon.

Your eyes will be drawn to the yellow and orange spots absorbing energy from their brightness. The stripes of colourful foliage gently curving on the sides of the surrounding hills with conifer forest add to your feeling of belonging. Despite everything I could never be completely contented without our contrasting four seasons. The coldest one could be considerably shorter but for the Nordics they are all equally essential.

I’ve only just realized the true value of autumn: every yellow, orange and red leaf conveys the promise of a rebirth. What could be more comforting, more elevating than that?


  1. Replies
    1. Even our autumn has its moments, I must agree.

  2. Beautiful it looks much more colourful than here! Maybe we are behind you in the leaves turning. Sarah x

    1. You must be behind even though we've had it rather mild this autumn. Most of these leaves have fallen by now I'm afraid.