Thursday, 6 August 2015

On a lake

As soon as my daughter had returned from California and fetched her cats we took a little domestic holiday. We stayed away for a week visiting, among others, my brother and sister-in-law at their summer cottage almost 500km to the northeast from here in the Northern Savonia region in Eastern Finland.

Most of our country is practically a patchwork of lakes. However, I spent my  childhood in a region where there weren’t any close by. Even as an adult I never got friendly with the element of water unlike by brother who turned boating and net fishing into a dear hobby thanks to the many summers he was lucky to spend under his father-in-law’s gentle guidance.

Despite my slightly troubled relationship with water, it is always a thrill to be taken safely on a lake. My brother rode us and my sisters a round on his small motorboat. The evening was very calm and beautiful, one of the loveliest moments this season has given us. I could get used to that kind of cottage living.


  1. Ihania kuvia. Voi tuota veden lainehdintaa. Hienosti olet saanut laineet kuvattua!

    1. Veljeni mökki on pitkän kapean lahden laidalla. Tuona iltana järvi oli niin tyyni, ettei pinnassa ollut juuri mitään värettä veneen tekemien pienten laineiden lisäksi. Niitä oli ihan pakko yrittää kuvata, vaikka keulassa istuinkin.