Sunday, 17 January 2016

Ice cover

A few days ago, we nailed it. It was again some -13°C (9°F). Now the weather was no problem at all. We were wearing our brand-new heavy-duty winter gear when heading to the Ruissalo island for some sunset watching.

Also the timing was perfect and the outcome so rich I am releasing it in portions. Anyone who muddled through my previous post deserves some simple visual delight for a change.

These photos were taken three quarters of an hour or so before sunset at the Ruissalo park which was our first stop on this afternoon tour. We wanted to check whether the waterway had frozen over since our previous visit (here). Now it was for the most part covered in a very thin layer of ice with curvy formations that looked rather fabulous.

There are some quite nice colourful shots coming soon so stay tuned.


  1. Very beautiful, but oh gosh I cannot imagine the cold!!! xx

    1. Thank you, Amy. You will be amazed with my two upcoming posts, I'm sure...