Thursday, 15 December 2016

First ice

It has been mostly below freezing point recently, especially at nighttime. As the days are at their shortest right now – the time between sunset and sunrise being here some 18 hours at the moment, although often it feels like there wasn’t any sunrise at all – we hopped at the cottage to see whether there would be any ice on the sea yet.

Indeed, the cove had a thin ice cover with delicate curvy formations sweeping as far as ‘our area’ reaches, that is as far as the strips of land with the reeds are stretching on both sides of the little bay. The heavy ribbon of ice on the beach revealed there had already at some point been a bit thicker layer of ice next to the waterfront.

When we last visited the site a couple of weeks ago, the sea was still completely open and the only ice found was on the hollows in the solid rock by the sea. Now the holes were probably frozen to the bottom. It’s starting to look promising I might be motivated to get out of the door every once in a while just to record the rest of the winter from this perspective.


  1. I'm glad you braved the elements and gave us all such beautiful photos of the ice. Only six hours of daylight must be so hard. You must be looking forward to the shortest day and the turn towards longer days. I look forward to more icy pictures. Stay warm. B x

    1. Thank you, Barbara. I've been practically sleeping through the winter for a number of years now so I am more than happy when the peak of it will be behind.

  2. It does look beautiful, but also very cold! I would dislike having so little daylight, I always am relieved when we reach the shortest day. Sarah x