Thursday, 19 January 2017

Winter sunset

For several weeks now, the weather has been mostly grey. We’ve had so little snow, most of the time none at all, it hasn’t been able to brighten things up much. But we’ve seen a few passing moments of glow. Every once in a while when the cloud cover hasn’t been that complete and there’s been some hope of a sunset worth watching we’ve driven to the sea. This is how we found the views there one afternoon when we were really lucky.


  1. Your skies are extraordinary. There seems to be more purple in your range of colours. Bet you were glad to see such beauty after grey days. I think we have been enjoying your blue skies over here. Perfect crisp weather at the moment. No snow yet tho :(. B xx

  2. Oh gosh so beautiful!!! The colours are stunning and your photos are wonderful!

    1. Thank you, Amy. Colourful sunset have been so rare here this season we were most happy to see this.