Friday, 24 February 2017

Persistence paid off

Some of you may have recognised the little island in the last photo of my previous post. It was, indeed, the Loistokari island facing the cottage, the island we had our eyes on all through last summer and will hopefully be observing this summer, too. 

In late January, I climbed the seaside hill of my previous post at sundown only to discover a thick band of clouds on the horizon. We’ve faced a similar sight wiping out our hopes for a colourful view many a time this winter. Luckily, I’m not the easily discouraged kind.

After a while, I noticed a slight hint of purple on the horizon. Little by little, the dismal blue grey band was transforming into a delightful ribbon of purples and pinks. Sometimes it does pay off to be persistent.


  1. More gorgeous purple skies, so very different to our at home. Glad you persevered; photography is all about waiting for that perfect moment. You certainly had a few. B x

    1. Thanks, Barbara. I had made a couple of visits to the cliff in vain and I must confess I was about to leave when it all started to happen.