Friday, 17 August 2012

Rainbow of friends

We returned from the French Riviera more than a week ago and I’ve been busy. At first, busy keeping myself warm after the Mediterranean heat and more recently busy with a few friends who stayed over.

There has been a curious repeating pattern with this summer: every time some friends or relatives have visited us the weather has magically turned most wonderful and continued that way through their stay. This happened again a few days ago when some exceptionally warm and lovely August days coincided with a very special ‘B&B booking’, now without any shuttle service though.

The last ones of these visitors left on Thursday before noon. We took the rest of the day rather easy but decided to have a walk in the evening. I should have expected what happened next. When we were returning we saw some grey clouds approaching. The first drops started hitting the ground when we had reached the pine tree by the road side close to our place. By the time we were inside the shower had truly begun drumming the patio.

First some great fun with a group of very special people and then some rainfall. Another repeating pattern of this summer but this time decorated with a perfect rainbow and even some hints of a second one. Weren’t we lucky to experience this all!

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