Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Street art, Part 2

As I mentioned in my previous post, most of the street art works we saw in Barcelona were on shop shutters and the large ground-floor double doors so customary to the old town. Some works were clearly commissioned and also had a signature. The below shutters were signed by the artist Ivana Flores.

We were glad to notice there was very little messing up made by the random passers-by on the commissioned works. I suppose when your city offers so much to spray on you don’t need to make your mark on someone’s complete piece of art.

The commissioned works generally gave an indication about the line of business behind the shutters. There is not much speculating about the kind of shops revealed when the below roller shutters are pushed up. Definitely something to do with filling your stomach with food and drink.

We also saw a few art works the size of a whole building wall. I am not particularly keen on such pieces of modern art as the blue wall with the dozens of eyeballs sticking out by Frederic Aman on the side wall of the five-star Ohla Hotel in the Gothic Quarter. It certainly catches your eye and will probably serve its purpose very well. Nevertheless, I prefer the cozy mural with stylized cats facing a little square in the Raval.

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