Monday, 16 July 2012

Côte d'Azur calling

Now that we are free to choose, we usually make our trips abroad outside the highest seasons. Moreover, we generally travel to the Mediterranean, which is such a popular holiday destination that even off-season is quite crowded around the best attractions, such as Florence we visited last September. So we try to avoid the peaks and most often travel during the spring and autumn months – together with an ever-increasing number of other well-preserved mature couples and retirees. It is starting to feel there will soon be no low season at all because of this group of travellers.

It sometimes happens, however, that we are invited to join someone who still has to follow a more precise schedule regarding when to take a holiday. In fact, my sister recently asked us to travel with her and her teen-aged daughter to the south of France. We are flying to Nice in about two weeks and will arrive there just when the bulk of the French holidaymakers start pouring to the seaside, not to mention the other visitors from all over the world enjoying the French Riviera in early August.

Well, I did tell in an earlier post about my desire  to visit France, instead of our present favourite Italy, one of these days soon and I did confess missing the feeling when you can be certain tomorrow will be warm, too. But in August Côte d’Azur is hot. On the other hand, the rather poor weather conditions at home this season certainly call for some improvement. Thanks to my sister we are sure to have lots of more sun this summer.

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