Saturday, 13 April 2013

Suncatcher without sun

Here it is, the stained glass project I announced a few days ago; a framed rose suncatcher I made using the Tiffany copper foil technique soldered in tin. I am not completely happy with its rough look, especially because it will be a present for someone who has always been very clever with her hands and has done almost everything from woodworking to oil painting (but lucky for me, no glass work).

Starting to take shape.
This was the best I could do in the present time frame. As it is hand made by me it will have to do. After all, this is only my fourth Tiffany work ever and the three earlier pieces were made several years ago. I had forgotten all about cutting glass and soldering, not that there was much to forget yet. However, I’m determined to continue with this hobby so one day I’ll show you something I’m actually proud of, I hope.

On a gray day such as today even this poor little rose will make rather a nice bright spot against a window, I must admit. (If any of my ex-in-laws are reading this: hush-hush, this is for grandma.)


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    1. Perhaps from a distance. It doesn't tolerate closer inspection I'm afraid.