Thursday, 27 June 2013

Feline caresses

The visit of the Maine Coons is now over, at least for the present, but before returning to the Cinque Terre I must share something else about the cats. The breakfast table in front of the window in our kitchen-diner is one of Sheena’s favourite places. She often sits there gazing out to the garden. The other day I happened to see Tidy Tiger joining her and starting to lick her neck and ears.

I had to grab the nearest camera to record how these feline companions socialize and show affection. Most of the grooming was done by the older and stronger one (neutered male) and below you can see how enjoyable this was for the one being groomed (spayed female). When you care for one another it will be a delight for both the help each other out. These two certainly are happy together.

(The photos are in chronological order except that the first one was taken last.)