Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Out of fabric and thread

I’ve realized I haven’t posted anything on my ‘Handmade treasures’ in months. I must revive the series soon. Meanwhile, I am showing something that was recently on display in the café of the Old Student House in Helsinki. Such a piece of art would be a treasure to anyone who can afford it.

'Opera Don Giovanni´'

These are works by the Finnish textile artist Helena Vaari.  I saw her exhibition in Lahti a couple of year ago and now immediately recognized her unique style when spotting these on the café walls. Her techniques are appliqué, free machine embroidery and textile collage. She likes to call it painting by sewing machine, describing the thread and yarn as her paint and the needle as her brush.

'The old friend'

'The source of power'
Helena Vaari finds her inspiration in nature and the simple joys of everyday life.

'Hiding together'

'Forget me not'
In addition, she often ‘paints’ people in poses resembling fashion photography.

'Aida, The Costume of Amneris'
The show also included several opera-related items, a couple of which portrayed details of costumes. 

I am sorry my photos are not sharper. The café was rather dimply lit and I didn’t want to disturb the fellow customers too much. Nevertheless, I hope they will reveal what amazing works of art you can create out of some fabric and thread or yarn when you have enough imagination and a lot of talent. Plus plenty of patience. The price tags ranging from €500 to €1600 clearly talk about that.

'Turandot, The Blue Choir'

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