Saturday, 11 January 2014

Pinballing and more

Returning to the Lux Helsinki event we attended a few days ago, my second stop was the New Student House and the Urban Flipper by the French CT Light Concept. They had turned the facade of the building into a giant pinball game operated by one viewer at a time. Just like the Corazón I showed in my previous post here, this work has also been seen earlier at the Lyon Fêtes des Lumières, in this case in 2011. The visuals changed between every game but I didn’t have the patience to watch more than the single one captured on my video.

The Lux Ratikka tram by Riikka Karjalainen and Alexander Salvesen revisited from last year to tour along the downtown rails as a moving, ever-changing light installation.

The Swedish language newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet or Hbl had joined the event to mark their 150th anniversary year. The tower of their offices was turned orange by lightning designer Jukka Huittila’s arrangement.

There was much more to see; for example, a lantern park with some 150 lanterns made by art and design students as well as professionals, a 25-min performance of a fire circus, for the first time even a light art exhibition at the Cable Factory cultural centre, which we were thoughtless enough to skip. But I saw one more work I was so impressed with I must post about it. See you soon.

In the foreground, Kiasma, the Museum of Contemporary Art by Steven Holl.

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