Saturday, 8 March 2014

Poppies for the ladies

As today is International Women’s Day and as we were finally given some promising sunshine, I thought I’d post something absolutely enchanting. So I am taking you to a walk through the spring fields outside a little village in Catalonia not far from the town of La Bisbal d’Embordà.

This is where we stayed with friends two years ago in early May making day trips around the surrounding province of Girona.

I couldn't resist some daydreaming on this walk either.

The village is called Sant Sadurni de l’Heura. It is an ideal place for a quiet retreat or for exploring the history and natural beauty of the area. Also ideal for cycling but we are very far from that, at least for now.

But we are not that far from another summer season. Even after a practically snowless winter the feeling is absolutely wonderful.

I hope you had a great day, too.


  1. En osaa oikein kuvitella mitään kauniimpaa kuin unikkopellot. NIin kaunista, muutenkin, kaikki nämä maisemat.

    1. Älä muuta sano! Ystävät yrittävät houkutella jälleen kevätmatkalle Espanjaan, mutta meillä on niin paljon kotihommia, että on pakko lykätä matkat tuonnemmaksi.

  2. The poppies and Spanish countryside is delightful.
    Sarah x

    1. Aren't they! I'm planning to post more photos of this memorable spring trip soon.