Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Weekend in paradise

We had a gorgeous summer weekend and Monday. The temperature rose – again – to +30°C (+86°F), which is unusual for our May and a bit too hot if you ask me.

But it felt like paradise. The apple trees were in full bloom. The sun was shining nonstop. You could stay outdoors all day and it was warm enough for short sleeves even very late in the evening.

If you are not familiar with Nordic summer, take a closer look at the photos. All but the first four ones were taken between 8:30 and 9 pm (although daylight saving time). And there is one more month for the nights to get lighter.

This kind of a summer surely is the only true paradise for our kind of people. Now we are being sent to the vestibule of summer season hell for a while: rain is expected and daytime temperature is supposed to drop some 20 degrees overnight. Never mind. We’ve just been lucky to spend four whole days in Eden. (I bet it will be less busy in the real one.)

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