Monday, 2 June 2014

Summer returned

Towards Sunday evening, summer returned. The terribly cold few days – with the unbelievably low temperatures of some +7°C (+45°F) – served as an excuse to take a more or less well-deserved break, especially as we were meeting friends on two of them. (We even saw La grande bellezza we missed on our anniversary and liked it a lot, Rome lovers as we are.)

Our weather conditions are finally what they should be this time of the year, at least for the present. The lilacs seem to have suffered from the extraordinary spring with temperatures going up and down from unusually high to unusually low and back again. They are not in full bloom yet and are carrying fewer blossoms than normally. (To see how they can be at their best have a look here.)

I am also back to my late May – early June mode staying out very late in the evening. I’m afraid it is in my character. Whatever I’m doing, once I get properly started I’m always finding it hard to stop. On Sunday, I returned from the garden at 11 pm. Guess who was sleeping like a log last night.


  1. I wonder do you have midgies? I would happilly garden till 11pm (used to do this in England) but midgies drive me inside.....

    1. We are lucky to have our place surrounded by fields so we seldom have mosquitos. Were there some forest very close by they would certainly be a nuisance in warmer weather.