Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Turning green

The spring that will be remembered as the endless one is now turning towards something that might develop into summer one day should we be lucky.

On Sunday, I finally had something to shoot at the cottage. The coltsfeet have been flowering an amazing period of a months or so under the reeds from last year. Those and the wood anemones were no longer the only delightful living things there. When you looked closely, there were bits of fresh green all around the place.

The wonder of spring bringing nature into life makes my heart sing every time. The honeysuckle, the shrubs and trees, even some flowering plants are finally sprouting leaves and buds. The oak trees are the only ones that still haven't got properly going.

The cold sea keeps the shore temperature at least a couple of degrees lower than it is a few kilometres inland, not to mention the wind-chill effect. Therefore everything has progressed a bit further downtown, especially in the microclimate of courtyards bordered by buildings on all sides. The most striking example of that is the horse chestnut below. I wonder how many more days it will take for the specimen at the cottage to reach the current blossoming phase of the courtyard tree I zoomed through our bedroom window yesterday.


  1. At the rate your Spring is progressing it will probably merge into Summer in a mad rush. Isn't it so good to see those beautiful green shoots. I do feel for you. Hopefully it will be a wonderful Summer in your part of the world. So many places seem to be having very strange weather at the moment. We are in the middle of a monumental deluge today. At least I won't need to water :). B x

    1. I know, I know, it will be a rush. If only the temperature would rise to normal. Sorry for the rainfall. Let's hope it will be over soon.