Wednesday, 18 April 2012

All roads lead to Rome

The country roads leading to our village are winding and slightly hilly and therefore much favoured by motorcyclists, especially in the summertime. Some of them have already returned to the roads and so have some road racing cyclists. We have seen more and more of those here in the last few years.

The other day I was driving home alone when the weather was rather gloomy: it was raining and a heavy wind was blowing. I was approaching a brave lonely cyclist wearing a bright blue cycling jacket with what looked like a large letter T (as in Teresa) in white on the back. When I drove closer the horizontal section turned out to be not part of a letter but a complete word: ITALIA.

When I overtook the man I saw his profile and he sure was an Italian, or if he was a Finn he was an extremely uncommon-looking one. He made my day, not because of his stately looks but because of the associations. Italy, my love, you will catch me everywhere, this time with a fake T on the back of the messenger.

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