Friday, 13 April 2012

Towards the sun

Progress towards spring is speeding up and there is someone here who is taking the most of it. Whenever we have a sunny day, Jack will find a spot where to enjoy the warming effect of every beam.

It has now stayed above freezing point through the nights and Jack is slowly turning into his summer season mode spending more and more time outdoors. It will take a while, however, until his rich winter figure will have reached its lighter summer dimensions. Moreover, as we older people so very well know running around in the night time will inevitably result into sleepiness (and an aching body) during the day.

So he still often slumbers the best part of the day away on one of the beds only to revive late in the afternoon demanding to be let out and then again in for a bite and then at once out and soon in and so on for the rest of the evening. He will have his food and water bowls on the porch as soon as we can be sure they won’t attract any unwanted visitors but until then we’ll just have to accept this.

Never mind the minor inconvenience Jack causes such as scratching the side of our bed wanting to be let out at night, he is my hero. He knows exactly what’s best for him each moment concentrating on the joys life can bring never having any worries nor scruples. Not that Im the worrying kind and not that Id like to be half as idle as him but it would be so nice to be less hesitant.


  1. Good morning from Alabama USA!
    I just found your blog while doing a Google search for yellow and orange buildings.
    I too, have found my passion later in life. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful photos! Jack looks very much like my "Henry" cat. They could be brothers. :D
    I will be following your adventures!

    1. Thanks Kathi. I'm so happy someone finally leaves a comment. This is my first blog and I haven't shared it with any of my friends yet, which is against all the advice given on blogging. I suppose I'll have to dare go public one of these days...