Friday, 20 April 2012

Oh là là, vallée de la Siagne !

One more medieval village and I’m done with reminiscing this spring holiday to France and ready to start packing for tomorrow’s flight to Spain.

This village is St-Cézaire-sur-Siagne located about 50 kilometres to the west from Nice on a vertical cliff overlooking the Siagne river and valley. The village is as charming as any old village in the south of France. However, when you reach the edge of the village and the magnificent panoramic terrace decorated with a single olive tree the view towards the wooded hills and mountains is truly breathtaking. The place is far more magic than my photos reveal.

I made this trip with friends so I must take my husband there one day reserving some more time to admire the view and explore the rest of the village. The nearby St Cézaire caves that were only found in 1890 by a local farmer and are open to public might also be worth a visit but I do prefer the fresh air panorama over the valley. Oh là là !

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