Friday, 18 May 2012

At the vet

Earlier this week I took the cats to the vet with my daughter to have their annual check-up and vaccinations. Jack was the first one on the table as he is the bravest of the three, a domestic ‘man of the world’ who has seen a thing or two during his ten years. He doesn’t like it, of course, but he will endure the examination table without panic. My daughter is a natural with animals so she held him and I could take a few photos.

With her Maine Coons it was different. They were wriggling themselves so much that shooting them was practically useless. The second in line was the princess who is very timid but at the same time extremely curious about anything new or different. She was so stressed that her sweating paws left wet marks on the table. Nevertheless, the vet was able to carry out all examinations with her, too, and she was free to run and hide in her box.

Then came the prince, the biggest and strongest of the three who sometimes tries to bully the smaller ones but luckily without much success. He was scared to death, trembling all over with a heart rate of 220. The examination was pure agony to him but still the vet managed to perform everything else except for taking his temperature so even he made it without any major complications.

Once again Jack proved his adaptability. The only thing he doesn’t tolerate on these kinds of trips is the time he has to spend in the transport box. In everyday life he virtually never meows or growls but when he is kept imprisoned in a small box he is making most unhappy sounds nonstop. He should be safe for another year now.

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