Friday, 25 May 2012

Legacy of elephant's ears

The previous owners of our place had planted elephant’s ears also called pig squeaks (Bergenia cordifolia) (vuorenkilpi) all over the front garden. I am not particularly fond of them but as we have quite a lot of space, I’ve let them be to fill a few corners here and there. I’ve figured if I started replacing everything I dont love with something I’d like better I would be finished earlier than the replacing job. After all, life is full of compromises, even a perfect one.

And I must admit elephants ears look rather nice when they are blooming. I’ve almost grown to like them because of the few weeks in late spring and early summer when they are, in addition to a few shrubs, the only plants in blossom. Moreover, they are easy to nurture and will survive almost anywhere.

This time the flowers are especially big and I’ve been wondering why. Perhaps it is because last year I actually took the time to give these plants some proper care removing not only the spent flowering stems but also the damaged foliage.

I’m no gardener but I’m slowly learning some basics thanks to the pieces of advice my daughter keeps throwing my way every now and then. She is a city girl but more hands-on in the country than I ever was.

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