Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A piece of cake

We’ve had several important days recently: my daughter’s birthday, mother’s day that is always celebrated here on the second Sunday in May, and Jack’s tenth anniversary. So I baked a cake.

I love cakes, especially those with chocolate or berries, but I’m not any particular baker, yet. That’s why I baked a simple sponge cake with whipped cream icing and some lovely decorations, a box of Spanish strawberries I found at the grocery and some handmade chocolates I ran into at Barcelona airport the other day, to be exact.

We had some time at the airport and as we had not been at El Prat since the opening of the spacious new terminal completed in 2009, I decided to have a walk while my husband was sitting down reading the papers.

I had no intension whatsoever to buy any chocolates but the shop of the Chocolat Factory was so inviting I simply had to step in to admire the tasteful arrangements of the elegant boxes and packaging. As the contents were also on display, I couldn’t help stepping out through the counter. There were so many stylish sizes and shapes available I ended up choosing two simple carton cylinders they call Tubes. And the chocolates were delicious, especially the long sticks containing candied orange peel. Just mouth-watering!

Chocolat Factory was founded 15 years ago by Michel Laline, a Barcelona-based Belgium-born architect who, at 45, was not happy with his career and decided to start an artisanal chocolate business spending the first year studying the metier. ‘Design with content’ was the concept for the brand from the start. In fact, the chocolates have been a hit and the brand has won several design, communications and design management awards since 2000. Currently, the company employs about 120 people and has some 30 shops located mostly in Spain but a few are in the Far East.

Sometimes turning into a master chocolatier may be just a piece of cake for an architect and interior designer and will create his greatest success.

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