Thursday, 25 October 2012

A few rays of sunshine

The sun has been such a rare visitor these past few weeks that we seldom have managed to catch a glimpse in any other way than through the window. But yesterday afternoon I was agile enough to grab the nearest boots and jacket (both his) and rush out with the camera to witness a few bright moments before the sun started to disappear behind the horizon.

The purple-flowered raspberry shrubs (Rudus odoratus) (tuoksuvadelma) have only just started dropping their leaves. I’m keeping the shrubs rather large as they are good dust catchers in the dry season – the delivery guys tend to drive rather wildly on the dirt road leading through our lot – but they have grown so high this summer that there’s no way I can skip pruning next spring.

One of our apple trees is a late variety. The dark red fruit are still sticking tightly to the branches dragging them heavily towards the ground. These apples are so hard in texture even the birds leave them alone.

The maples are all leafless now and so are the birches. I find it funny that the cherry plum that is among the first ones to revive in the spring would be the last one to hold its leaves in the autumn. It is almost November now and they are still for the most part green.

Despite the little amount of sunshine, this has been another mild autumn and just like last year some of the plants are confused. The shrub roses (Bonica 82 var. Meidomonac) I planted only this year are still blooming. The rhododendron (Hybrid Cosmopolitan), also a newcomer in my garden, is producing new leaves and buds. And one of the two hydrangeas or hortensias I have had in pots on the porch since May still has a flower.

There will come and end to the confusion soon. According to the forecast we should have frost and perhaps even some snow towards the end of the week. I don’t like it but I suppose I’ll manage a few days. Our trip to Spain couldn’t be happening at a better time!


  1. toi eka kuva on kyl hieno. näitä sun postauksia menee multa ihan ohikin toisinaan, ku niitä tulee niin usein ettei kerkeä perehtyä. tämäkin oli jäänyt väliin

    1. Nää on mun ensimmäisiä järkkäriharjoitelmia ulkona. Aika vähän on tullut talvella vietyä sitä ulos, mutta kohta taas...