Monday, 8 October 2012

Autumn blues

There’s no escaping, autumn has truly invaded our corner of the world. We are living the best of autumn now that the leaves are turning pale yellow and dark red and every shade in between but are hanging in there and just won’t let go.

In fact, these are the last moments of the kind of autumn I can bear. In a few days, the maple trees will be all naked and soon after that I can no longer let the leaves, soaked and brown by then, lie scattered around the garden but must rake them away. In a few days or a couple of weeks at the most, everything will be once again grey, wet and barren. That’s the kind of autumn I hate. I feel freezing even to think about it. How could you keep your spirits up when all the bright colours are gone and you no longer remember how it was to feel warm?

For quite some time now, it has been raining heavily and incessantly almost every other day. Every few days we may be have been lucky enough to see the sun. But as long as the autumn colours are here and as long as the sun will show up to spotlight them at least once in a while I will feel relatively alive. After that I don’t know. After that it’s going to be a long and weary winter. Thank God for Rioja! Yes, we are definitely going!


  1. beautiful autumn pictures!
    (found your blog through the comment on nellies blog regarding the old terminal. really interesting to know that those movies were filmed there!!)

    1. Thanks Cat. We haven't seen the sun in a couple of days so it's starting to look rather bad. I saw your cranberry picking story. What a strange thing!