Monday, 25 February 2013

Luminous ladies

It was Oscars night last night but this time I didn’t even start to watch the show because for me starting would have meant staying awake through it all, in our case until 7 am. I can no longer take that without consequences. So I recorded the broadcast, took care not to listen to any news during the day and watched it this evening, on our home cinema screen of course. 

My favourite parts in this year’s show were Dame Shirley Bassey (76) performing ‘Goldfinger’, the first one of the three James Bond theme songs she has given her voice to, and Adele (24) performing her and Paul Epworth’s ‘Skyfall’ that later won the Oscar for Best Song, quite rightfully out of those nominees if you ask me. It is a thoroughbred 007 theme song for everyone to enjoy, catchy but sophisticated, and the glamorous Adele’s voice is pure beauty. The two British ladies were so luminous even Norah Jones felt somewhat lame. Quite a pair!

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