Sunday, 10 February 2013

Men in white

Saturday morning, we did have a reason to drive to Helsinki: to take my sister the dressmaker and her daughter to the Tallinn ferry and to fetch a few books we had ordered from the bookstore.

As so often in recent winters, there is a lot of snow in our capital but in the main shopping area the streets and sidewalks are heated and therefore snow-free at all times. Yesterday morning they were also completely dry as snowfall was at a halt for a change. The pedestal of the statue at the Three Blacksmiths’ Square, which is probably the most popular meeting point in Helsinki, looked like a huge layered cake with whipped cream icing. 

This blacksmith has the face of the sculptor Felix Nylund himself.

The Three Blacksmiths themselves were wearing a white little side cap and a rabbit-fur-like collar or shawl of snow. I had to shoot them. It’s not that often you have a chance to admire well-built men wearing nothing but a couple of light accessories.

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