Saturday, 23 February 2013

Rollingly happy

Our dear old Jack was so pleased about the sun visiting us the other day that I thought he deserves a post of his own. Just like always when he is around, he followed me to our driveway eyeing a bit suspiciously from between the walls of snow towards the blinding blaze. As soon as he reached the sunny road leading through our lot a fit of happiness seemed to fill him and he started rolling from side to side at my feet turning his face towards the sun.

I wish I had realized to start filming at once. The first rolls went on and on. I did capture the few last ones and uploaded the clip on YouTube.

Oh, how simple a thing can make you so overwhelmingly happy and how easy it is to show your bliss when you are not human. Jack surely is my greatest mentor in leading a good life.


  1. Ihana kissa. Näyttää nauttivan talvesta. Meidän Mikki rakastaa myös lunta. Se menee kuin myyrä lumessa. Naama upoksissa ja ryömii..

    1. Meidän poju välttelee kinoksia ja hyppii pitkin loikin kuusiaidan alle asioilleen. Lumipaakuilla kyllä tykkää leikkiä kuin pallolla.