Sunday, 3 March 2013

Dunes and dreams

The sun was shining again on Sunday after a night of snowstorm. I took a walk around the old cow house and barn to admire the white dunes the storm had built up.

I also shovelled myself a path to the barn stepping inside for the first time in months. Just like it often happens in the summertime, once I was inside I couldn’t help climbing the narrow stairs to the upper floor to have a look at the space I can envision so many uses for.

It is a nicely shaped attic room with three windows facing the east. A little bit of love and affection, plus quite a bit of hard work, could turn this miserable but airy space with a floor covered in bird droppings and what not into a perfect summer (guest)room. I am painfully aware this will not happen while I’m the owner of the wreck of a building. It is a consolation to believe someday someone will make this dream of mine come true by converting the wooden attic of the red brick veteran into a summer retreat.


  1. Yksinkertaisen kaunista ja keväistä valoa :)

    1. Yöllä olikin sitten taas -26 ja lumipyry. Harmaus jatkuu...