Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Flying times

Late spring and early summer constitute such a wonderful season. Each and every day brings so much new to observe and absorb. There is too much to do, there are too many roads to choose from and time flies. Even if I now manage with a 7-hour sleep instead of the 10 hours or more I needed during the dark season, time flies like a jet plane. And I’m afraid it will continue to do so for the next three months at least.

I should have known this because it happened to me also last year. Now that I am free to drink every drop of it in, spring is such an overwhelming experience – both mentally and physically – it will overpower any good intentions occupying all your attention and energy, which you will be all too happy to offer to it.

It has turned out very hard to return to our recent travels no matter how much I would have liked to, no matter how much there is I’d like to tell. But I will try, on the next rainy day at the latest. Until then, I will make an effort to embrace every moment attempting to silence the uneasy conscience, “Hey there, woman. This is not a job but a hobby. Allow yourself some slack!”


  1. Your images are wonderful thank you for becoming one of my latest followers and introducing me to your lovely blog. I always enjoy visiting blogs from other countries.
    Sarah x

    1. Thank you for finding here. Please say hi to Daisy and Twinkle!