Thursday, 9 May 2013

Let it float

Sometimes it’s good for you just to let go with the flow. To take a few light strokes upstream first and then to let the whirl carry you. Never mind the spectators but do remember to watch out so you don’t drift away from the lane and hit the rocks. You might not be as clever with that as the Muscovy duck or musc duck (Cairina moschata) (myskisorsa) we watched bathing in a little stream in Zuccarello, Liguria, last week.

(There should be a thumbnail here but uploading videos from YouTube to Blogger is not working the way it should. You will see my bathing duck video by clicking here.)

It’s Ascension Day and everyone has a day off. And it’s supposed to start raining. This is reason enough to take it easy and just enjoy. Let the day float away in any way you like. Especially you, my dear daughter, because of your birthday!


  1. I love it: let go with the flow.
    No fighiting, no struggling, no thinking...a holiday for the brain and the heart.

    1. The duck certainly knew how to take the most of the natural forces.