Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Rainy canals

Greeting from Venice! We arrived on Sunday and it’s been all grey skies and rain but nevertheless totally overwhelming.

This is how the small canals in our neighbourhood San Polo were today. (I am saving the Canal Grande for a later post…) I can’t wait how the place will look like tomorrow when we should have sunshine.

Venice is definitely not a once-in-a-lifetime kind of place but one you will need to visit several times to be able to absorb its overpowering uniqueness and beauty.

I did know I would love Venezia: one of my ancestors was born here in 1734.


  1. Beautiful photos, I quite like that bright yellow house with the green shutters on your 1st photo. I always wonder if the houses are damp inside because of all that water.

    1. Our B&B was like any old stone building but it was not by a canal so I can't tell for sure.

  2. Venice is always so beautiful, I am glad that I will be there again next week.