Saturday, 5 October 2013

The random guy

On our way from Venice to Bologna, we stopped in Padova for a couple of hours. There I finally solved the puzzle of the ‘random guy’ my son has been referring to for years.

He likes to be called Kenny, a name he adopted probably thanks to his younger years in London and Florida. In real life he is Andrea Coppo, an artist coming from Padova.

We spotted two of his delightful street art pieces of a man and his cat in silhouette, which are his trademark figures.

Recently, Kenny Random has been incorporating well-known cartoon characters into his works. I’d love to see more!

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  1. Great pictures of street art! We have seen some of Banksy's street art in Bristol.
    Sarah x

    1. No wonder something they called Kenny-mania had risen in Padova when one of his works was threatened because of a renovation project. Thanks to it the piece was left untouched.