Sunday, 23 February 2014

Brewing monks

We are spending a long weekend in Tallinn with my sister and brother-in-law. Today, there are plenty of nice restaurants in the medieval old town. Last night we dined at one of the rustic ones called Munga kelder or the Monk’s Cellar. The place is decorated with rather elegant reminders of the times when monasteries were grand producers of wine and beer.

The joyous colourful stained-glass monks with their mugs and cups and bottles cheered us greatly. These friars distinctly come from an order that not only embraces the brewing but also consuming of their noble produce. Franciscan perhaps or maybe Benedictine.

The small glassworks that are lighted from behind give a pleasant window-like effect to the completely windowless space.

And what did we have? Chicken breast with pepper sauce for the ladies and turkey breast with cheese sauce for the gentlemen, which were very good. The service, in turn, was slightly on the ‘do-not-disturb-me’ side so we decided to skip the desserts of this establishment. In fact, we were not even offered any but we forgave that because of the happy monks.

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