Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Wintry garden

All through the latter half of January, our place was such a lovely sight I couldn’t help stepping outside every few days just to admire our snow-covered garden in sunshine. Quite an accomplishment for someone who just can’t stand the cold. So I’m posting another set of wintry photos before the sleet they mentioned in the weather forecast reaches our corner of the world.

In the previous post, I declared my love for the birch. The cherry plum also looked rather nice. And so did the Amur maple by the barn.

The old maple, my summertime favourite, wasn’t bad either with the delicate icing of snow.

I observed not only the snowy birch but also some other plants, when under a light layer of snow, very much resembled their blooming versions. 

In black-and-white, the above mock-orange (jasmike) and white spirea (Grefsheim) (Norjanangervo) could be mistaken to be in blossom.

At the moment, we have only some 10cm of snow, which would be just fine for me for the rest of the winter, and all winters to come for that matter. I do hate it when you can’t walk in your own garden freely throughout the year, which is the case by us most of the winters. Just have a look here.


  1. I love trees and you have shown us how wonderful they look especially with the dusting of snow your last two posts. Thank you. Sarah x

    1. Our winter does have its moments, doesn't it?

  2. Replies
    1. We may have rain next week and all this may be gone, I'm sorry to tell.