Tuesday, 18 February 2014

HT 7: Framed cross stitch fish

It looks like we might be lucky enough to skip a couple of months this winter: the little snow we had is now almost gone. It has been wet and dark so I am finally continuing my Handmade treasures series with a very fitting item.

When I saw this cross stitch ‘aquarium’ in a thrift shop a few years ago I instantly knew it would be ideal on the wall under the roof window of our upstairs hall. You see, although my photos do not reveal it the sofa against the pitched ceiling is purple underneath the bedspread. I’m keeping a spread there because of our Jack as well as my daughter’s cats who visit us every now and then. The colour of the sofa is rather close to the darkest hue of violet in the cross stitch piece.

A couple of years ago when we had the roof replaced (more about that here) we also had the roof window replaced. I find the little framed fish very charming against the present off-white trim he was clever enough to build out of plywood around the new window. Quite an accomplishment in an old house like ours where no two corners are identical.

The sofa nook is one of the places for his afternoon nap. It is also the spot for my late-night or rather early morning knitting by the digital TV recorder. I have neglected both my handicrafts and recordings this season. I should put on a spurt with both as the device’s huge capacity will soon be pushed to its limits. Well, there is always the option of deleting some of the recorded files...

Now that I have finally revived the series I am hoping to show more of my handmade treasures soon.

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