Friday, 10 February 2012

30°C (50°F) milder in a day

Although not one of the virtues of my people, this winter has definitely given us plenty of reason to engage ourselves in some small talk on weather. That is if you can call events such as the heavy storm in December or the recent drastic temperature changes ‘small’.

Just the other night our thermometer had reached a good -33°C (-27°F), the lowest this season, and within the same day it climbed not far from the freezing point to a mere -3°C (26°F). Did you ever experience such a huge variation so rapidly? Neither did I. I made sure to stay indoors! Our old abandoned cow house had to face it and the following morning its red brick walls sweated all grey with moisture.

Since then, the temperature has been going wildly up and down almost on a daily basis, although less dramatically, and meteorologists still haven’t given us any hope for a steady phase. I guess I had better publish a few of my recent photos before the snow has completely fallen off of the trees and bushes. You never know what kind of changes the next morning will bring these days.

Branches of an Amur maple (Acer ginnala) covered with ice crystals. 

Doesn't the Amur maple look like a cherry tree in blossom? 

Snow-covered birch (Betula pubescens).

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