Tuesday, 21 February 2012

White blankets and a mattress

Sunday was all grey skies, fierce winds and heavy snowfall from morning till night. As usual, my husband did some snow removal before noon but then we were away for the rest of the day visiting his relatives.

When we returned one of our neighbours had recently ploughed the road with his tractor. However, there was no way our rear-wheel drive could have managed the thick blanket of fresh snow on the slight uphill from the road to our yard. Amateur rustics as we are with no heavy-duty machinery of our own, we had to fetch our manual snow ploughs and clear a track for the car all the way to the garage.

Monday was totally different. We saw some patches of blue in the sky for a change and the birds were singing almost as if spring had arrived. My husband continued with the ever-increasing snow removal. The passage across the garden between the yard and the house is already looking rather impressive with a knee-high mattress of white stretching on both sides.

More snowfall is expected again today. If things continue this way, last winter’s record may well be beaten and I can’t avoid joining the battle: I must persuade him to acquire a snow blower.

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