Friday, 24 February 2012

A perfect companion

Everyone knows a dog is a man’s best friend but I can assure you a ‘well-trained’ cat can offer you almost as much fun with much less trouble. Our Jack definitely is the perfect friend for a couple like us who would consider having a dog not only far too binding but also too much of an inconvenience on a daily basis.

Yesterday, I was doing some ironing in our upstairs hall. There is an alcove under one of the eaves serving as the space where we generally arrange our clean clothing but this time I carried the ironing board to the middle of the hall watching the TV at the same time.

Jack immediately accompanied me settling down on the carpet at the narrow end of the board. I was most pleased as he seldom takes his nap anywhere else but in the most comfortable place for his needs at that moment, in the winter most often on one of the beds. He was just lying there half asleep keeping me company but whenever a sleeve was hanging from the board he was immediately wide-awake trying to catch it and play with it. Item after item, sleeve after sleeve.

I do hope I will learn to enjoy the little moments a bit more like a cat but I fear I still rather resemble a dog awaiting the best stimuli to be offered from the outside world. At my age, this is absurd. I should be more than aware of the fact that we can never expect anything from tomorrow. Only a few days ago I was once again reminded about this when I heard about the premature passing of someone I knew and appreciated. I wish I had taken the time to know her better.

In Horace’s words, “Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero”. Maybe I’m not totally hopeless as I’m finding such joy in watching the cat amuse himself whenever there is the slightest occasion for that.

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